Frequently Asked Questions

What is a consultation like?

Before our first consultation, I will send you a questionnaire to complete.
In my method, we exchange a lot. We will determine and work to follow your coaching’s goals (whether they be in regards to weight-loss or your life). Thanks to positive psychology I help re-orientate your attention towards your life’s positive aspects. At the end of the consultation you will leave with a personalized program. I will offer concrete exercises you can use in your day to day life to boost your motivation. Then, we finish the session by breathing exercises or an initiation to meditation.

What is the difference between an Isabelle Minceur Coaching and being followed by a dietician or nutritionist ? 

A dietician / nutritionist will only accompany you on the dietary scheme of things. My method is founded upon 4 pillars: positive psychology, better sleep; more exercise and a low gylcemic index nutrition. The emotional part is what really makes the difference! Furthermore, I will motivate in your daily life to enable you to stay on track.

What is positive psychology?

It is my method’s main pillar. Positive psychology is a science that dates back around 20 years. It has been proved that by making our thoughts more positive we reach our goals more easily. There are exercises that enable us to put forward the positive aspects (positive affirmations, positive visualization…). Motivation represents more than 50% of an effective and durable weight-loss. Thanks to positive psychology, you will look for motivation in everything.

How many consultation will I need ?
I usually recommend a 3 month period which enables the instillation of new effective dietary habits, but also to integrate positive psychology in your daily life. Thanks to experience, I have noticed that it is the most efficient way to reach your goals.

However, it is possible to do a single session if you are in need of a booster or a more profound idea of how I can help you.

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