My Method

Your successive diets haven’t worked? Either you didn’t lose any weight, or you lost weight quite quickly, yet you regained it all just as quickly. It is quite frequent.

When you talk to your family and friends about it, they all say : “I have tried everything, and nothing has worked”.
Are you looking for a durable weight loss method ? Do you also want to feel more confident in your own skin.

My method is global and founded on 4 pillars:

1. Positive psychology

The first pillar is the most important, according to me. You will learn to use positive psychology’s tools in your day to day life, which makes a difference with a classic method. The vision you have of life, yourself and your body will be transformed. It will help you stay positive and keep your motivation throughout your weight-loss project!!

2. Movement

I will help you move more in your day to day life, even if your are not an athletic person. Then we will work on your personal projects, because movement in your life and projects can help you move physically.

3. Better Sleep

Good sleep can help with weight-loss. Together, we will find ways to improve your sleep. For example, to conclude each of our sessions, I will give you breathing exercises, an initiation to meditation or to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which you can replicate alone.

4. Nutrition

I will explain how to adapt your way of eating. We will create recipes that coincide with your taste. I will also help you organise your meals and create healthy habits! We will also improve your digestion. The latter is the key to a good weight-loss project! I am a specialist in food intolerances (all of my recipes are gluten and lactose free).

After each of our sessions, you will leave leave with a program, in between sessions, i will motivate you through small exercises and positive thoughts.

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