Anne Sophie, 30 years old

Anne-Sophie lost 30 kilos in 8 months!

A very inspiring path, accomplished by a women with a firm will.

Anne-Sophie changed her diet in small steps, by discovering new ingredients and by cooking more.

She also changed her mindset towards a more positive one.

She used to be prone to snacking between meals, but now these dietary compulsions are extremely rare for her. On the rare occasions where they do happen, she accepts them, in a positive attitude towards herself.

She wears clothes she appreciated and feel good in her own skin.

She no longer cares about others’ judgement and opinion of her, indeed she has gained much self-confidence and wishes to change her professional career.

Her mantra: “I will manage to become the person I wish to be” is always present.

« My kids are proud of their mum at the school gate when I come to pick the up » she explains on the Facebook Live .