Isabelle, 48 years old

When Isabelle came and consulted with me for the first time, she was exhauted by the numerous diets she had attempted since she was 20 years old. She was obese and wanted to lose weight for her health but also as a way to feel better in her own skin.

Isabelle uses all of my tips and has really invested herself in her weight-loss journey! The results are soon seen, indeed, at the end of her 5th month she has lost 22 kilograms!
She has slowly adjusted her diet, while keeping a maximum of foods she loves, and she has gotten into exercising (regularly)!

She has created the Instagram account “emotions_et_kilos” where she posts about her weight-loss journey as well as some great recipes!

She now is conscious of the necessity of taking take for herself. Indeed, she now meditates or takes walks alone in the forest. These activities enable her to recenter herself and feel better in her home and work life.

Above all, Isabelle steps out of her comfort zone: for example she is a part of the COUP DE BOOST group, she has been on an Instagram live with me and even accepted to co-write a book with me!!

She now is better at managing guilt and little by little she is discovering how to kinder to her body

Well done Isabelle, what an inspiring journey !!!