Lorine, 40 years old

When Lorine began her caoching, she wanted to lose waight for her health and feel better in her clothes and in her own skin. To this day she has lost 7.2 kilos!

She used to be prone to snacking on sweet foods and drinking soda, as well as ordering food, since she didn’t know how to cook.
Little by little, Lorine used my recipes and adopted the Salmon and Leek Pie, that she know makes quite often!

She also drastically diminished her Coca Cola Zero consumption! If she snacks, she sticks to dark chocolate squares! She feels better with her new diet, Indeed she also saw the positive effects quite quickly: less of a yearning for sugar and less snacking!

Furthermore, Lorine has also worked on her goals and projects! Passionate about makeup she has developed her Instagram account “Tropbellespourvous”. Thanks to the content creation, photos, classes on the subject through masterclasses, she has gotten an incredible energy!!!

Before she had a tendency to online shop, which is now much less prominent. She has defined her goals and projects in a visualization board which we worked on together, and now her personal goals are clear.

Lorine sets herself challenges and gets out of her comfort zone which leads to persona satisfaction when she accomplishes her challenges! She has even motivated her Father who also lost some weight!!

Well done Lorine for this inspiring journey !!!