Pauline, 39 years old

Pauline has lost 7.5 kilos in 4 months by following an Isabelle Minceur coaching.

I have been following an Isabelle Minceur coaching for a few months now. Isabelle is a very professional person who listens wholeheartedly, and who has allowed me to really lose weight and feel better in my own skin. Indeed, gone are the migraines and my previous tiredness after meals and my bloating hasn’t come back. The difference in my overall well-being is unassailable.

Something I love about Isabelle is that she is much more than a weight-loss coach, she is also a life-coach. On a daily basis, Isabelle checks up on me, it’s a luxurious treatment! Indeed, she sends me a message everyday and we have regular video conferences. This formula is perfect for me! For once, we aren’t left alone with questionable directions…