Virginie, 49 years old

Virginie lost 8 kilos in 6 months.

At the end of last summer, Virginie contacted me saying that she had began a dietary rebalancing a few months ago, but that she felt the need to be helped for the last 5 kilos.

Very motivated, Virginie quickly followed my tips and recipes! We exchanged by text and she is very proactive! She didn’t hesitate to ask for my help. After 2 weeks she had already lost 1 kilogram and felt less bloated. Although she has a job with many responsibilities and a mother’s lifestyle, Virginie makes sure to take care of herself: sophrology, reading but also exercise. In my opinion, that is the key to success.

After 4 consultations, Virginie reached her goal: -8 kilograms in 6 months!!! That was in last November, 3 months later she has stabilized her weight. A hearty well done to Virginie for her incredible journey!!