Olivier, 50 years old- CEO

After 4 months of Isabelle Minceur coaching, Olivier noticed these results: a more flattering appearance, better overall health and self-confidence.

I have been following Isabelle’s food tips for 4 months now. I have been exercising with the same assiduity and intensity as before, however now I have received many compliments on my silhouette from people I hadn’t seen in a while.

I think that the best answer that can be given when you question yourself on a method’s success.

In my opinion, your method enables visible results in the medium-term that are quite durable. Indeed, following your tips has allowed for progressive results that have grown exponentially.

The balance found through simple changes in one’s diet enables a slow change of one’s metabolism. It resembles the process of having to repair and readjust a mechanical syste, without ever stopping it. Time, regularity and assiduity are 3 inseparable factors when it comes to getting durable results.

They are the only tools capable of changing one’s way of living without any bumps along the way!

Therefore, even if each individual is different, Isabelle’s method brings the same fruitful results for each and every one:
– flattering appearance
– better overall health
– toned
– stronger self-confidence

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